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Ubuntu Unleashed 2011 Edition: Covering 10.10 and 11.04 (6th Edition) is a book written by Matthew Helmke, Andrew Hudson and Paul Hudson. With over 700 pages, The 2011 Edition is the perfect Ubuntu manual and it covers Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04 from A to Z, including installing, configuring, desktop applications, system administration, games, Ubuntu as a server, programming in Ubuntu.

The table of contents for 2011 Edition:

  • Part I: Installing and Configuration
    • Installing Ubuntu
    • Post-Installation Configuration
    • Working with GNOME
    • Command Line Quickstart
  • Part II: Desktop Ubuntu
    • On the Internet
    • Productivity Applications
    • Multimedia Applications
    • Other Ubuntu Desktops
    • Games
  • Part III: System Administration
    • Managing Users
    • Automating Tasks
    • System-Monitoring Tools
    • Backing Up
    • Networking
    • Remote Access with SSH and Telnet
  • Part IV: Ubuntu as a Server
    • File and Print
    • Apache Web Server Management
    • Remote File Serving with FTP
    • Handling Email
    • Proxying and Reverse Proxying
    • Administering Database Services
    • LDAP
    • Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP)
    • Ubuntu in the Cloud
  • Part V: Programming Linux
    • Opportunistic Development
    • Helping with Ubuntu Testing and QA
    • Using Perl
    • Working with Python
    • Writing PHP Scripts
    • C/C++ Programming Tools for Ubuntu
    • Mono
  • Part VI: Ubuntu Housekeeping
    • Managing Software
    • Securing Your Machines
    • Performance Tuning
    • Command Line Masterclass
    • Kernel and Module Management
  • Part VII: Appendixes
    • A. Ubuntu Under the Hood
    • B. Ubuntu and Linux Internet Resources

You can buy it from Amazon.com using the link below for $29.99:

According to the description in the book:

  • Matthew Helmke is an active member of the Ubuntu community, an administrator for UbuntuForums.org, and chariman of the UbuntuForums council.
  • Andrew Hudson is a freelance journalist who specializes in writing about Linux, with significant experience in Red Hat and Debian-based Linux distributions
  • Paul Hudson is a recognized expert in open-source technologies. He is a professional developer and full-time journalist for Future Publishing, with articles that appeared in Mac Format, PC Answers, PC Format, PC Plus and Linux Format.

The book also ships with the Ubuntu 10.10 DVD.

Thank you for the kind words about the book. I’m thrilled you liked it.

Craciun Dan says:

You’re welcome and thanks. I didn’t read it all though :)

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