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Disable Overlay Scrollbars in GNOME
gsettings set com.canonical.desktop.interface scrollbar-mode normal
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Find Files Containing a Text Pattern
find . -iname "*.txt" -exec grep -l "hello" {} +
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During March, a few noteworthy articles were published here at TuxArena. Let’s have a look at the most important ones.

GNOME 3.12 Released with New Features, Apps, IRC Client
GNOME 3.12 has been launched during March, bringing a lot of improvements and features. Three new applications were introduced in GNOME as well.


Yet Another Free Steam Game: Cannons Lasers Rockets
Another free to play game for Linux available on the Steam platform, CLR is a MOBA game taking place in 3D space environments.

KDE users will be delighted to find out Calligra 2.8 office suite has been released with major new features. Krita image editor will soon be released for free on Steam too. Also, a tutorial on automatically running applications on KDE start-up has been published here. Controlling Amarok via command-line is easy with QDBUS.


10 Free, Open-Source Replacements for Commercial Tools
This is an overview of applications such as QCAD or LibreOffice, which are free alternatives to power tools available commercially on Windows.

Two twin-panel file managers have been reviewed during March: Sunflower and Double Commander. Read the reviews here and, respectively, here.

Early Look at How Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Is Shaping Up
Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr is two weeks away from being released. Here are the main new features this LTS release will ship with.


Do you love the command-line? Here are 20 terminal alternatives for graphical applications. And here is an overview of MOC, a console-based music player using the Ncurses interface.

In other news, there is an overview of five free games for Linux, and a look at the horror-themed, free Steam shooter No More Room in Hell.


During March I also had a look at the minimalist web browser Dillo, and the powerful HTML/CSS/PHP editor Bluefish.

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