UbuTricks is a program that helps you install the latest versions of several games and applications in Ubuntu.

UbuTricks is a Zenity-based, graphical script with a simple interface. Although early in development, its aim is to create a simple, graphical way of installing updated applications in Ubuntu 14.04 and later releases.


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Latest Changes

UbuTricks will receive updates on a weekly basis, new versions adding new applications and new releases of the ones already included. Ubuntu 14.04 and 14.10 are already supported. Linux Mint currently has a bug in gksudo which doesn’t allow adding repositories automatically, so the PPA method doesn’t work in Mint, but the programs which are installed using other ways (archives, DEBs, other repositories) should work (on Mint 17).


Applications will be downloaded and installed automatically. Some will require a PPA to be added to the repositories. Others will be compiled from source if no PPA is available. The compilation process can take a long time, while installing from a PPA or DEB file should be quick, depending on your download speed.

The install methods are as follows:

  • PPA – the program will be downloaded and installed from a PPA
  • DEB – the program will be installed from a DEB package
  • Source – the program will be compiled (may take a long time)
  • Script – the program will be installed using a script provided by the developer
  • Archive – the program will be installed from a compressed archive
  • Repository – the program will be installed from a repository (not PPA)

Since UbuTricks is still in early development, bugs may appear and only a small number of applications is available right now. Here is the complete list of applications currently supported by UbuTricks. Some of the installable programs include:

  • 0 A.D.
  • Battle for Wesnoth (Dev)
  • SMPlayer
  • Ubuntu Tweak
  • Cinnamon
  • Wine
  • Geary
  • Google Earth
  • Kdenlive
  • PlayOnLinux
  • LXQt
  • QupZilla

UbuTricks currently supports 60 applications, and the goal is to add as many as possible, with installers for not only PPAs or DEBs, but also binaries or archives for various games and updated software.

Download UbuTricks

UbuTricks is available as a graphical script. The latest version is 14.11.17. Below you can download the two latest versions.

Get UbuTricks 14.11.17 – Nov 17, 2014 (Bash Script, 44 KB): Download

Get UbuTricks 14.11.03 (Previous Version) – Download

Previous releases can be downloaded from here.

Once downloaded, make it executable and either double-click the script or run it from the terminal. UbuTricks needs the zenity and gksu packages. To install them use:

sudo apt-get install zenity gksu

Once you run it, you will be able to choose your Ubuntu version, and then a list of applications which can be installed will be shown. Tick the programs which you want installed and hit OK.





Bugs and Feature Requests

UbuTricks is a small project. As such, you can use the comments below to report bugs, make application suggestions to be included in future versions, or just tell me what you think about this program.

ChangeLog – Last Releases

For the complete changelog, open the script with a text editor and scroll to the end.

v14.11.17 r7 (Nov 17, 2014)

  • added apps: Exaile, Yarock, GNOME Commander (Trusty), SimpleAudioPlayer, Kid3
  • added apps: Fotoxx (DEB)
  • 20 updated apps
  • fixed the Calibre installer
  • better error handling
  • added command-line –help and –version arguments

v14.10.22 r5 – Oct 22, 2014

  • added apps: Audio Recorder, CherryTree, Double Commander, Wine (PPA), Cantata
  • added apps: Midori, DigiKam, Kchmviewer, PeaZip, VLC (Dev), Emacs
  • added games: FLARE, FlightGear
  • updated versions for some apps
  • added Ubuntu 14.10 in supported releases, some PPAs may not work
  • improvements for source-based and DEB installers
  • fixed a bug when selecting two apps with similar names

19 thoughts on “UbuTricks

  1. FedeleP

    Interesting script. Similar to my BleedingEdge, but with the nice Zenity progress bar.


    One thing that I wonder about is why the script installs so many packages that are already in the repositories? Are the PPA versions that far ahead? (they certainly are for minetest.)

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Craciun Dan Post author

    Thanks. I didn’t have the chance now to see your script, but I’ll take a look at it.

    And yes, most of the versions in the PPA are newer (and I try to include only those – it would be pointless to make installers for programs already in the default repositories).

  3. Craciun Dan Post author

    Yes, I’m aware of GetDeb which is a great project. I’m trying to do something different with UbuTricks. I agree currently there aren’t many apps, but I hope to make it bigger and eventually more complex (well, it can’t get much interesting with Zenity only because of its limitations, but let’s see first where this goes).

  4. Ken Liddon

    When I load the executable file and go through the three screens, checking off something to download, the program exits and I get a series of “ubutricks.sh: 602: ubutricks.sh: [[: not found” in my terminal.
    I have the latest versions of gksu and zenity installed and am running Ubuntu 14.04. Any idea why this is happening?

  5. Ken Liddon

    Ignore my previous comment – got the program to download the program selected or PPA, but then I get the message – “Could not install Google Earth. Click OK to continue.” Same message for each of the programs – Looks like a work-in-progress!

  6. Craciun Dan Post author

    That shouldn’t be happening, maybe I missed something. Can you tell me at what step exactly does it give you that error? Eventually run it from a terminal and see the output?

  7. Craciun Dan Post author

    I think I caught the problem, I uploaded a fixed version now, but there are still some issues with some parameters which I’m going to fix in the next release.

  8. Ken Liddon

    Tried the revised script but still have no success installing the programs on Ubuntu 14.04. It downloaded the programs and made the changes to the dependencies but then just said – “Could not install…..” I tried with Google Earth and also with Wine and Transmageddon. Is some other dependency required?

  9. Craciun Dan Post author

    The PPA ones should all work as far as I know. The DEB method may be broken for some apps, since I didn’t include an installer for their respective dependencies (will do in the next version). Wine should work (it has to compile it, and unless I missed some other required dependency it uses build-dep which should fetch them – but not necessarily the new ones required by the last version, I’ll have a look into it), and Transmageddon may be broken as well since it installs it from a DEB and has some dependencies which I didn’t include.

    I will fix these in the next release. I’m concerned, do the apps that install from a PPA work?

  10. Craciun Dan Post author

    Also, have you tried ‘sudo apt-get -f install’ in the terminal? When it fails, the script leaves APT in a state which should be fixed by this command and install the DEB file automatically (also a bug, the script should take care of this).

    Edit: The version uploaded now should take this into consideration (but it’s a quick fix, may need improvement).

  11. antoni

    I tried on ubuntu 14.10 and fails to install digikam 4.4.0

  12. Craciun Dan Post author

    Yes, for now 4.4.0 doesn’t seem to be in the repositories for 14.10, so there’s no way around it but to wait for it to be included in the PPA or find another PPA.

  13. Arjun

    Transmageddon 1.5 doesn’t work on 14.04 without GTK 3.12. Could you please tell me hoe to remove it?

  14. Nostromov

    Hey guys!..:) You’re making teh PNGs into JPEGs & losing quality in the process! It’s important to leave ’em as .png and/or .gif because of the type of image (screenshot) in question, tnx!! ;-/

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