This page contains several scripts and tools: - alarm clock
This is a simple script to automatically play a song until stopped with Ctrl+C. It can use either avplay or ogg123, so make sure you have one of these installed on your system.

Note that you will have to edit the three paths inside the script and enter the paths to where your actual alarm audio files are.
Just download the script and run it as ./

Don't forget to modify the path to your alarm files inside the script (e.g. $HOME/Music/alarm.mp3 or similar)!
To replace the paths to your alarms, open the script with a text editor and change the content of the alarm1, alarm2 and alarm3 variables:
alarm1="Replace this with the absolute path to an audio file (e.g. $HOME/Music/alarm.mp3)."
alarm2="Replace this with the absolute path to an audio file (e.g. $HOME/Music/alarm.mp3)."
alarm3="Replace this with the absolute path to a directory containing audio files."
The first two need to be audio files, while the last should be a directory. If you choose this option for the alarm when you run the script, then it will play all the .mp3 and .ogg files inside that directory. When the song is over, the alarm will start over indefinitely until stopped with Ctrl+C.

Make sure you have the libav-tools (for avplay) or vorbis-tools (for ogg123) packages installed, or the alarm will not work (avplay is installed by default in Mint).
  • v0.2.0 (Feb 20, 2014) - initial release, using either avplay or ogg123 (default avplay), plays mp3 or ogg formats - vorbis tags editing tool
WIP - generic cmake compiler/installer
This is a generic cmake compiler/installer, which will compile and install source code using cmake and $HOME/usr as the default installation prefix. Make sure you're in the right directory when running it. It will run the following commands:
mkdir -p build &&
cd build &&
make &&
make install
By Craciun Dan on February 20, 2014 | Updated: February 20, 2014 | v0.2.0 r1
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