New Homepage

The new homepage for NeonView is now located here.

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The Forum Is Up and Running

The new forum is now up and running, using phpBB this time. You can use it to submit bug reports and discuss NeonView. Check it out here.

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NeonView 0.8.1 Released

I must say I really enjoyed coding for this release, making everything behave just as it should (or hoping so). Because I really do think the Ancistrus got better 😉

This release focused on getting rid all all the bugs and make NeonView stable, and in 0.8.1 most of the known bugs should be gone. The core code has been rewritten and the application’s design is quite robust now, working the way it should.

The zoom in/zoom out functions work in a more clever way now, allowing a level of zoom which depends on the image size, rather than just having only 5 levels of zoom.

Handling of command-line arguments works better now for strings that represent a path or part of a path. To be honest, it wasn’t quite easy to make this work properly. For example, NeonView handles better, and hopefully correctly, arguments like neonview ../../dir/file.png or dir1/dir2/../dir3, correctly detecting the exact path and if it should open a file or just list the images in that respective directory. This really helped improving my humble knowledge of C 😉

The menu entries and toolbar buttons are now properly switched to inactive when that’s the case (e.g. no image to work upon, no more previous or next images in the directory).

A lot of code fixes and minor improvements are included in this release too. For an almost complete list of changes, have a look at the ChangeLog.

NeonView 0.8.1 – Binary (Feb 27, 2013)

NeonView 0.8.1 – Source Tarball (Feb 27, 2013)

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Version 0.8.0 Packaged for Frugalware

NeonView 0.8.0 was packaged for Frugalware Linux. Thanks Slown!

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Development Update for 0.8.1

I’m already at work on 0.8.1 and it’s going pretty well. I’m rewriting most of the core code (again) since 0.8.0 has some nasty memory allocation bugs and code organizing isn’t very good. 0.8.1 will strip most of the bugs that 0.8.0 introduced, making it quite usable. Should be coming in a few days or so, depending on my spare time. The “Lock zoom” option will probably be available in 0.8.1, as well as a few minor improvements. Also, the bug not displaying “Fit to window” correctly. The scope for this new release remains stability though, not features.

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NeonView 0.8.0 Released With Many New Features

For this new release the code has been completely rewritten and NeonView was ported to GTK+ 3. There is a rather big list of changes, some of the most important including a completely redesigned interface, two sidebar panels for thumbnail previews and image information, rewritten code for parsing the config file, redesigned settings window, and a whole bunch of new fixes and improvements. Of course, since NeonView was ported to GTK+ 3 and the code was rewritten, there are still many bugs present, which should be triaged by the time 0.8.1 will arrive. Please report any bugs found in the comments below.

Here’s how 0.8.0 looks like in GNOME 3:

Codename: Ancistrus – NeonView in KDE4

The left panel provides thumbnail previews of the images in the current directory:

The right panel shows image information:

NeonView thrives for simplicity, and its goal is to always keep a clean, simple interface. The Tools menu allows to show or hide the toolbar, status bar and the two panels:

The Settings window has been redesigned too:

And here’s a list of the most important changes:

  • completely rewritten, ported to GTK+ 3
  • added two side panels: thumbnail previews and image info
  • added possibility to show or hide the panels, the taskbar and the status bar
  • redesigned interface, redesigned settings window
  • improved parsing and handling of the config file
  • now has support for all formats handled by GdkPixbuf (about 30 formats)

For the complete changelog, take a look here.

Please keep in mind that this is work still in development and has some bugs, it would be of much help to try this and give me all the feedback you can.

Download NeonView 0.8.0 (Binary)

Download NeonView 0.8.0 (Source Tarball)

For the binary package, just untar it and copy the neonview executable anywhere on your hard disk. To compile the source tarball, you need the GTK+ 3 development libraries, make and gcc (sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-dev build-essential should do it in Ubuntu, Mint and such). Next type make && sudo make install in the source directory.

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NeonView 0.8.0 Close to Release

Work is in progress for NeonView 0.8.0, which will come with a bunch of new features and improvements over the last release. There are still a few features to be implemented, however this release should really stand out.

NeonView has been rewritten completely from scratch and it now uses GTK+ 3.

Here is a peak at what’s been already implemented:
– two new panels, with thumnail previews and image info
– improved configuration system, added a few more options too
– improved image handling, with support for around 30 formats (everything GdkPixbuf can handle)
– lots of bug fixes and improvements, including displaying animated GIFs properly

And to keep NeonView clean and simple, the panels, the status bar and the toolbar can be shown or hidden on demand.

And these are not all, the list of changes is quite huge. This release should be ready soon enough!

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NeonView Packaged for Zenwalk

Well, I guess NeonView starts to get some attention 🙂 Version 0.6.0 was packaged for Zenwalk Linux, thank you bipbip!

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NeonView 0.6.0 Released With New Features

This new release, codenamed “Xiphophorus”, comes with several new features and a small bug fix:

  • added zoom in and zoom out functions
  • added rotate left, rotate right and flip image functions
  • fixed a crash when trying to display a file which is no longer available

In addition to these, NeonView already provided the following features:

  • all popular image formats supported (including PNG, JPG, TGA etc)
  • usual keyboard shortcuts and clean, easy-to-use interface
  • it remembers window size, start maximized, lock fit to window, remember fit to window
  • configuration window for several usability options
  • manual configuration via the ~/.neonview/neonview.cfg file


NeonView 0.6.0 – Binary

NeonView 0.6.0a – Source Tarball (Fixed)

About NeonView

NeonView is a minimalist, lightweight image viewer written in C and GTK, completely free and open-source, created by TuxArena. Since it was recently launched, NeonView includes only a handful of features, but this is the base for development of new features and functionality.

The goal of NeonView is to stay lightweight while also providing ease of use and only the necessary options a basic image viewer should have.

Screenshots of 0.6.0

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Plans for 1.0

Here is a TODO list of features which should be implemented by the time NeonView gets to version 1.0 (I know, big plans, we’ll see what actually *gets* implemented). Some of them are in the works, some have been implemented, but most of them need to be written from scratch:

  • rotate left, rotate right, flip image
  • zoom in, zoom out
  • print to file, print to printer
  • save, save as
  • support for plugins
  • plugins:
    • fullscreen mode
    • slideshow mode
    • create web gallery
    • meta info for JPG
    • import to…
    • export to…
    • convert image to… (possible to implement it in ‘save as’?)
    • convert to grayscale
    • various image effects
    • crop/cut/copy/paste image
  • sidebar:
    • tree file browser
    • image preview
    • image info
    • tags
    • ratings
  • show/hide menubar
  • show/hide toolbar
  • show/hide status bar
  • show/hide sidebar
  • configuration options:
    • start NeonView in last known folder
    • start NeonView in a user-set folder
    • lock zoom, lock rotate
  • Help->FAQ
  • Help->Check for Updates
  • (this one is a must) get rid of the bugs!

Seems like a huge list, doesn’t it? Not to mention feature requests/other features which don’t come to my mind right now will also probably get implemented. The best way to submit a feature request is via comments or on the forum.

For NeonView 0.6 the zoom in/zoom out and rotate left/right/flip are in development, and it is possible to implement a basic C plugin system, but it’s not for sure yet.

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