NeonView 0.2.1 Released

This is a small bug fix release, it does not include any new features. Here are the changes since 0.2.0:

  • fixed a bug on GTK+ 2.20 with GDK_KEY_BackSpace and GDK_KEY_space, compiling on GTK 2.20 should work now (
  • fixed a filename label showing when NeonView is invoked with a filename argument
  • removed unneeded text from the status bar when no image is loaded
  • fixed several segmentation faults when pressing next/prev buttons in certain situations
  • fixed several bugs when the image argument wasn’t properly parsed and the image wasn’t displayed

Download NeonView
To run NeonView, you will only need the first package which contains the executable binary already compiled. If you want to compile it from source, download the second package.

NeonView 0.2.1 – Binary

NeonView 0.2.1 – Source Tarball

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