NeonView 0.4.0 Released

This release, codenamed ‘Corydoras’, comes with several new features, including two rewritten modules and a graphical configuration window. Here are the most important changes for this version:

  • added a graphical configuration window in the new Tools menu, with the following options:
    • check button to start the main window maximized
    • check button to remember the window size
    • check button to enable/disable fit next/prev images to window after ‘Fit to Window’ button is pressed
    • check button to remember last fit to window choice
  • added Settings and Quit toolbar items
  • you can quit NeonView by pressing Escape now
  • the configuration window, manual window and about window can be closed by pressing Escape
  • completely rewritten code for creating and parsing the config file
  • completely rewritten code for the main.c module


NeonView 0.4.0 – Binary

NeonView 0.4.0 – Source Tarball

About NeonView

NeonView is a minimalist, lightweight image viewer written in C and GTK, completely free and open-source, created by TuxArena. Since it was recently launched, NeonView includes only a handful of features, but this is the base for development of new features and functionality.

The goal of NeonView is to stay lightweight while also providing ease of use and only the necessary options a basic image viewer should have.


Here are three screenshots of this release:

The main window

The configuration window

The about and manual windows

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