Plans for 1.0

Here is a TODO list of features which should be implemented by the time NeonView gets to version 1.0 (I know, big plans, we’ll see what actually *gets* implemented). Some of them are in the works, some have been implemented, but most of them need to be written from scratch:

  • rotate left, rotate right, flip image
  • zoom in, zoom out
  • print to file, print to printer
  • save, save as
  • support for plugins
  • plugins:
    • fullscreen mode
    • slideshow mode
    • create web gallery
    • meta info for JPG
    • import to…
    • export to…
    • convert image to… (possible to implement it in ‘save as’?)
    • convert to grayscale
    • various image effects
    • crop/cut/copy/paste image
  • sidebar:
    • tree file browser
    • image preview
    • image info
    • tags
    • ratings
  • show/hide menubar
  • show/hide toolbar
  • show/hide status bar
  • show/hide sidebar
  • configuration options:
    • start NeonView in last known folder
    • start NeonView in a user-set folder
    • lock zoom, lock rotate
  • Help->FAQ
  • Help->Check for Updates
  • (this one is a must) get rid of the bugs!

Seems like a huge list, doesn’t it? Not to mention feature requests/other features which don’t come to my mind right now will also probably get implemented. The best way to submit a feature request is via comments or on the forum.

For NeonView 0.6 the zoom in/zoom out and rotate left/right/flip are in development, and it is possible to implement a basic C plugin system, but it’s not for sure yet.

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