NeonView 0.8.0 Close to Release

Work is in progress for NeonView 0.8.0, which will come with a bunch of new features and improvements over the last release. There are still a few features to be implemented, however this release should really stand out.

NeonView has been rewritten completely from scratch and it now uses GTK+ 3.

Here is a peak at what’s been already implemented:
– two new panels, with thumnail previews and image info
– improved configuration system, added a few more options too
– improved image handling, with support for around 30 formats (everything GdkPixbuf can handle)
– lots of bug fixes and improvements, including displaying animated GIFs properly

And to keep NeonView clean and simple, the panels, the status bar and the toolbar can be shown or hidden on demand.

And these are not all, the list of changes is quite huge. This release should be ready soon enough!

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