NeonView 0.8.1 Released

I must say I really enjoyed coding for this release, making everything behave just as it should (or hoping so). Because I really do think the Ancistrus got better 😉

This release focused on getting rid all all the bugs and make NeonView stable, and in 0.8.1 most of the known bugs should be gone. The core code has been rewritten and the application’s design is quite robust now, working the way it should.

The zoom in/zoom out functions work in a more clever way now, allowing a level of zoom which depends on the image size, rather than just having only 5 levels of zoom.

Handling of command-line arguments works better now for strings that represent a path or part of a path. To be honest, it wasn’t quite easy to make this work properly. For example, NeonView handles better, and hopefully correctly, arguments like neonview ../../dir/file.png or dir1/dir2/../dir3, correctly detecting the exact path and if it should open a file or just list the images in that respective directory. This really helped improving my humble knowledge of C 😉

The menu entries and toolbar buttons are now properly switched to inactive when that’s the case (e.g. no image to work upon, no more previous or next images in the directory).

A lot of code fixes and minor improvements are included in this release too. For an almost complete list of changes, have a look at the ChangeLog.

NeonView 0.8.1 – Binary (Feb 27, 2013)

NeonView 0.8.1 – Source Tarball (Feb 27, 2013)

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