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NeonView 0.8.1 Released

I must say I really enjoyed coding for this release, making everything behave just as it should (or hoping so). Because I really do think the Ancistrus got better This release focused on getting rid all all the bugs and make NeonView stable, and in 0.8.1 most of the known bugs should be gone. The […]

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NeonView 0.8.0 Released With Many New Features

For this new release the code has been completely rewritten and NeonView was ported to GTK+ 3. There is a rather big list of changes, some of the most important including a completely redesigned interface, two sidebar panels for thumbnail previews and image information, rewritten code for parsing the config file, redesigned settings window, and […]

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NeonView 0.6.0 Released With New Features

This new release, codenamed “Xiphophorus”, comes with several new features and a small bug fix: added zoom in and zoom out functions added rotate left, rotate right and flip image functions fixed a crash when trying to display a file which is no longer available In addition to these, NeonView already provided the following features: […]

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NeonView 0.4.0 Released

This release, codenamed ‘Corydoras’, comes with several new features, including two rewritten modules and a graphical configuration window. Here are the most important changes for this version: added a graphical configuration window in the new Tools menu, with the following options: check button to start the main window maximized check button to remember the window […]

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NeonView 0.2.1 Released

This is a small bug fix release, it does not include any new features. Here are the changes since 0.2.0: fixed a bug on GTK+ 2.20 with GDK_KEY_BackSpace and GDK_KEY_space, compiling on GTK 2.20 should work now ( fixed a filename label showing when NeonView is invoked with a filename argument removed unneeded text from […]

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NeonView Image Viewer 0.2.0 Released!

Hello, world! This is the first release of NeonView, a minimalist, lightweight image viewer written in C and using the GTK toolkit. This first release, codenamed ‘Betta splendens’, includes just a handful of features for now, however it is the base on which development of more advanced features will take place. Still, the goal of […]

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