NeonView Manual

What is NeonView?
NeonView is a minimalist, lightweight image viewer written in C and GTK+ 2 toolkit, completely free and open-source, licensed under the GPLv2. Currently NeonView is only available for the Linux platform. NeonView thrives for simplicity, offering basic features, however development of new features is in progress.

NeonView supports all the popular image formats out there, including JPG, PNG, SVG, GIF or TGA (basically all the formats supported by gdk_pixbuf).


  • clean, minimalist interface
  • free, open-source, licensed under the GPLv2
  • lightweight, taking a very low amount of memory and coming in a small size
  • it displays images in a directory sorted by name
  • fit to window and normal size image view modes
  • it saves the main window size between sessions
  • can also be configured from within the configuration file ~/.neonview/neonview.cfg, where ~ is your home directory

Run the make command inside the neonview-0.x.x-src directory, then manually copy the binary to a location in your path (for example sudo cp neonview /usr/bin or cp neonview ~/usr/bin. A PPA and a proper installation script will be available too.

Command-Line arguments
NeonView can be invoked with the name of an image file, e.g. neonview image.jpg.

The configuration file
The configuration file is ~/.neonview/neonview.cfg, where ~ is your directory, and it can be edited by hand. When it starts up, NeonView tries to read the values from this file.

Here are all the supported configuration options and their respective values (what follows after # is an explanatory comment):

Technical details
NeonView is written in C and using the GTK+ toolkit, version 2.24. It was tested in Ubuntu 11.04 so it should work without issues on any distribution using a current version of GTK+ 2.

Known bugs
This is the first release and it’s a beta, so there should be bugs which will get fixed in the next releases. If you find one, please report it on the forum. Some of the currently known bugs are:
– images fit to window do not get automatically resized when the window is resized, you have to press the “Fit to Window” button again
– there is a bug displaying the full path of the image instead of only the filename
– if there is no image in the current directory, NeonView’s labels in the status bar will display a label text
– a known crash pressing next/prev buttons when there is a single image in the current directory

Contact and feature requests
For feature requests and bug reports please use the forum at:

You can also contact me at the following email address: