NeonView is a minimalist, lightweight image viewer written in C and GTK, completely free and open-source, created by TuxArena. Since it was recently launched, NeonView includes only a handful of features, but this is the base for development of new features and functionality.

The goal of NeonView is to stay lightweight while also providing ease of use and only the necessary options a basic image viewer should have.

The features of NeonView

  • it supports many image formats, including JPG, PNG, SVG, GIF or TGA (any format supported by gdk_pixbuf)
  • clean and easy-to-use interface
  • zoom in/zoom out
  • rotate left/right, flip image
  • easy to use keyboard bindings
  • provides configuration window for several usability features
  • can remember fit to window option over sessions
  • allows navigation with next/prev buttons with images sorted by name
  • fit to window or normal size image view modes
  • it remembers the window size between sessions and can be started maximized
  • it allows manual configuration via ~/.neonview/neonview.cfg

You can download the binary executable or the source code on the downloads page.