NeonView Packaged for Frugalware Linux

I was googling for “neonview 0.4.0” and came into this link. It looks like after only 3 days from its launch NeonView has been packaged already for Frugalware Linux, “a general purpose linux distribution, designed for intermediate users (who are not afraid of text mode)”. Thank you, Slown!

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NeonView 0.4.0 Released

This release, codenamed ‘Corydoras’, comes with several new features, including two rewritten modules and a graphical configuration window. Here are the most important changes for this version:

  • added a graphical configuration window in the new Tools menu, with the following options:
    • check button to start the main window maximized
    • check button to remember the window size
    • check button to enable/disable fit next/prev images to window after ‘Fit to Window’ button is pressed
    • check button to remember last fit to window choice
  • added Settings and Quit toolbar items
  • you can quit NeonView by pressing Escape now
  • the configuration window, manual window and about window can be closed by pressing Escape
  • completely rewritten code for creating and parsing the config file
  • completely rewritten code for the main.c module


NeonView 0.4.0 – Binary

NeonView 0.4.0 – Source Tarball

About NeonView

NeonView is a minimalist, lightweight image viewer written in C and GTK, completely free and open-source, created by TuxArena. Since it was recently launched, NeonView includes only a handful of features, but this is the base for development of new features and functionality.

The goal of NeonView is to stay lightweight while also providing ease of use and only the necessary options a basic image viewer should have.


Here are three screenshots of this release:

The main window

The configuration window

The about and manual windows

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NeonView 0.2.1 Released

This is a small bug fix release, it does not include any new features. Here are the changes since 0.2.0:

  • fixed a bug on GTK+ 2.20 with GDK_KEY_BackSpace and GDK_KEY_space, compiling on GTK 2.20 should work now (
  • fixed a filename label showing when NeonView is invoked with a filename argument
  • removed unneeded text from the status bar when no image is loaded
  • fixed several segmentation faults when pressing next/prev buttons in certain situations
  • fixed several bugs when the image argument wasn’t properly parsed and the image wasn’t displayed

Download NeonView
To run NeonView, you will only need the first package which contains the executable binary already compiled. If you want to compile it from source, download the second package.

NeonView 0.2.1 – Binary

NeonView 0.2.1 – Source Tarball

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NeonView Image Viewer 0.2.0 Released!

Hello, world!

This is the first release of NeonView, a minimalist, lightweight image viewer written in C and using the GTK toolkit.

This first release, codenamed ‘Betta splendens’, includes just a handful of features for now, however it is the base on which development of more advanced features will take place. Still, the goal of NeonView is to remain clean and lightweight, while also trying to implement only the needed functions that a simple image viewer should have.

Some of the features of NeonView:

  • supports many image formats, including JPG, PNG, SVG, GIF or TGA (any format supported by gdk_pixbuf)
  • allows navigation with next/prev buttons with images sorted by name
  • fit to window or normal size image view modes
  • it remembers the window size between sessions and can be started maximized (in order to remember these use Ctrl+Q to quit it for now, or just edit the ~/.neonview/neonview.cfg file)
  • allows manual configuration via ~/.neonview/neonview.cfg

Screenshot of NeonView 0.2.0

Most of the work still needs to be done, including (but not only) support for plugins, zooming, rotating, saving/printing images, fullscreen and slideshow modes, image properties dialog, an eventual sidebar, importing/exporting, settings to configure its behavior (like remembering fit to window/normal size between sessions, scrolling images with the mouse button, and so on). As you can see, a lot of work still has to be done.

NeonView is free and licensed under the GPLv2, so the source code is completely available to modify and make improvements or forks.

NeonView is beta software, and this is the first release. There are known bugs, not to mention there surely are some more hidden. However, improving it and making it work in a reliable way over time is my main goal. Since this is beta software and my C knowledge is medium (to say nothing this was my first try at using GTK, so probably some of the widgets and algorithms could have been implemented better), I expect it to have bugs. If you find one, please alert me and I’ll try to fix it (the forums or via comments or email).

This version was written in C and compiled using GTK 2.24 on Ubuntu 11.04. The binary download below should work out of the box in Ubuntu. The PPA will come soon too, as for other distributions, hopefully there will be volunteers to package it if there is a need for it.

The application icon was taken from Wikipedia – here – and depicts two Neon tetra fish. However, it should really have another icon (I’m not much of a painter person). If you’re interested in creating one, please do so. It should be SVG or PNG and should have something to do with neon, neon light, or a neon tetra fish or something similar. Also, it must be licensed under a permissive license like Creative Commons for example, so it can be used in the project.

Again, any kind of feedback, criticism and suggestions are welcome. You can do so here or on the forum.

There are two packages available for download. The first one contains the executable file, which can be copied anywhere on your disc (preferably in your $PATH) and it should work out of the box by double-clicking it. This is until I’ll set up a PPA and a proper installation script, or someone else does. The second package contains the source code. You don’t need this if you only want to run NeonView.

NeonView 0.2.0 – Binary

NeonView 0.2.0 – Source Tarball

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