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NeonView, the free lightweight image viewer created by TuxArena, has reached version 0.8.2. This release brings a segmentation fault fix when there was no image in the current directory and NeonView was started without any arguments. You can download it from here.


Both binary and source packages are provided. To compile NeonView from source, first install the needed dependencies:

sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-dev build-essential

Download the tarball and uncompress it:

tar -xjf neonview-0.8.2-src.tar.gz

Finally, compile and install it using:

sudo make install

This will install NeonView as /usr/local/bin/neonview.

Please use the comments below for any suggestions, bug reports or feature requests you may have.

oid says:

Lightweight and gtk3? 8-O
Take look at nomacs, feh, qiv

delnortey says:

Just a note to report that I succesfully built neonview on
a linux pclos/LXDE system.

Only issues found so far:
o If call neonview without an argument (as ‘usage’ sez is OK), neonview
complains “[NeonView] (null) is not a valid file or directory.”

o Also, get following warning:
** (neonview:31824): WARNING **: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name ca.desrt.dconf was not provided by any .service files

Otherwise, everything seems to work OK.


Craciun Dan says:

OK I’ll have a look at the null valid file warning when I’ll get the chance to look at the code again.

Regarding the freedesktop, this may be something related to GTK, not the program itself (I’m not familiar with what this warning means and I doubt I can do anything to control it from the program – I may be wrong though)

Thanks for your feedback!

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