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Earlier today GNOME 3.12 has been released, bringing major new features, several redesigned programs and three new applications: Logs, Sound Recorder and Polari.

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GNOME 3.12 comes with a revamped Videos application (formerly Totem), which now includes online videos browser and integration with the Pocket service, which allows you to watch saved videos at a later date.

Gedit has received several major features too, which comes now with a more compact interface, pop-overs and new shortcuts.

The new Gedit has a more compact interface:

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High Resolution Display and custom applications folders are two other notable features that shipped with 3.12. The GNOME Web Browser has received several improvements too.

Three new applications which have been included mostly for testing purposes since they are new in GNOME 3.12 too:

  • Polari – a new IRC client
  • Logs – a system log viewer
  • Sound Recorder – a tool for recording audio

The games package also received new redesigned, modern interface for 10 games, while Chess has a better game logic.

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The terminal has a new, dark visual theme, automatically wraps lines, and you can now search for opened terminals from within Activities.

Photos, the image viewer, includes now searching capabilities, Facebook integration and improved screenshot handling.

Currently Ubuntu Trusty Tahr includes GNOME 3.8 and the GNOME Testing PPA only has GNOME 3.11.90, but installation instructions will follow as soon as the PPA is updated with the new packages.

A full GNOME 3.12 review will follow as well.

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