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find . -iname "*.txt" -exec grep -l "hello" {} +
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This is the fourth article in a series covering completely free and open-source games available for Linux, usually included in any of the popular distributions. These games are all included in the Ubuntu repositories, so you can install them with APT. The other three articles covering 22 other free games can be found at the following locations:

As suggested by one of the readers, here’s five more games to try out.


Enigma is a really great puzzle game in which you have to accomplish various tasks, or to locate matching pairs of Oxyd stones. The quests are filled with traps and other obstacles, and appeals to a certain way of thinking. Enigma includes hundreds of levels to play and gets quite addictive pretty fast.




XMoto is a 2D, side-scrolling motorcycle simulation which allows single-player and also online playing versus other users. You can configure themes, video resolution – running in a window or fullscreen mode, audio and Internet settings. XMoto also has a mode to remove the levels not suitable for children.



Scorched3D is another tank battle game with support for both single-player and online games.


Globulation 2

Globulation is a 2D strategy game in which you don’t control the units themselves, but rather assign tasks to a number of units and they will automatically go to work. You can gather explore the map, gather resources, build structures, while the goal is to defend your opponent.



BZFlag is an online multi-player, 3D tank battle which features two modes: FFA (Free for All) and CTF (Capture the Flag).


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