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So another month went by and it’s time to sum up some of the most important articles published here at TuxArena during April.

With Ubuntu 14.04 being released and reviewed, several articles were kindly mentioned in the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, issues #363 and #365 or via other Ubuntu official resources. They cover Ubuntu and derivatives, and here they are:

Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr was a successful release with a 5-year long-term support:


For Ubuntu beginners, I wrote an overview of 15 programs which ship by default in a standard Ubuntu 14.04 installation.

Also, earlier last week the codename for the next Ubuntu release, 14.10, was announced by Mark Shuttleworth in this post on his blog. Ubuntu 14.10 will bear the name “Utopic Unicorn“.

In addition, April saw another important announcement for the Ubuntu community: Ubuntu One will close effectively June 1st, while user content will be available for download until July 31st.

And also earlier this month, it was a delight to have an interview with Jaque Raymer, the lead developer of a relatively new distribution called MakuluLinux. Here you can read a review about the latest release, based on MATE 1.8.

MakuluLinux MATE Edition looks awesome:


We also had a look at several new applications releases, most notably Medit text editor, Kingsoft Office suite, the powerful Krusader file manager, Audacious music player, or the versatile notes-taking application CherryTree. And another important release was Midori 0.5.8, a pretty lightweight web browser which comes with a bunch of new features and a rewritten AdBlock plugin. Except for Audacious, Clementine also saw a new bug fix release, 1.2.3. All of them include instructions on how to install the latest release in Ubuntu 14.04.

Audacious 3.5 has an interface similar to Winamp and brings new improvements and features:


Games weren’t ignored either, with an overview of a new free game for Steam called Star Conflict or the Enigma puzzle game which comes with over a thousand levels and an addictive game style.

Enigma features over 1000 levels requiring different approaches and way of thinking, but also a certain skill and speed using the mouse:


Star Conflict is a graphically intensive game of online space battles:


Speaking of Steam, the KDE image editor Krita is now available in early access for $22.99.

And the usual overviews of various software categories aren’t missing either, with a round-up of 10 minimalist applications which fit well in a lightweight desktop which can be found here, as well as four spreadsheet alternatives to Windows users who depend on MS Excel and need an alternative on Linux.

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