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In the past I had a look at 17 free games available for Linux, overviewed here and here. In this article I will have a look at five more completely free and open-source games available to install in any distribution out there.


Being a strategy game, Widelands is similar to Settlers. You have access to resources and can build structures, develop an economy and explore the land around you on your way to build your empire.



Micropolis is a small city-building game, allowing you to create residential or industrial areas, set taxes, build roads, transportation facilities.



Pioneer is a space simulation, 3D game. The latest version was released on April 4 this year.


Funny Boat

Funny Boat is a simple 2D side-scrolling boat where all you have to do is drive a boat and shoot the sharks that attack you.


BlockOut 2

Linux benefits from a great number of various clones of Tetris, both classic and 3D variations. BlockOut 2 is a free 3D Tetris-like game, being inspired from the original BlockOut game for DOS. BlockOut 2 has graphics and sound options, high-scores, practice mode, online high-scores.


Dagrut says:

Nice list! :)

There are several games you did not talk about but which are good (at least I played them quite a lot! :D ) :
– Xmoto : An amazing game, really hard but soooo addictive! I even made levels for it, but I had to uninstall it since I was playing it too much… :D
– Warsow : A great fast-paced FPS game. However, the community shrinked a bit after version 1.0 :/ .
– Zero-k and Balanced annihilation, both based on the SpringRTS engine. However, Zero-k still does not work with the last engine version.
– Teeworlds : A 2D shooter with a grappling hook and a built-in map editor
– Enigma : A 2D game where you control a ball with your mouse to solve puzzles
– Xonotic : A clone of Nexuiz, with really impressive graphics for a free game
– Kobo Deluxe : A small 2D shooter, quite addictive.
– Globulation 2 : An interesting RTS where the player controls the tasks that needs to be done instead of the units themselves
– Chromium BSU and Powermanga : Two 2D scrolling space shooters with nice graphics and options
– Blob wars : Metal blob solid : A nice 2D shooter
– Rocks’n’Diamonds : A collection of several (quite retro) games with tons of levels in it.
– Scorched 3D : A 3D worms-like shooter, with some amazing weapons

Some parts of these games may not be free (especially the data).

And for other games working with Linux, here is a website (french) that lists more than 3000 of them (FLOSS, freeware, commercial, demo, …) : http://www.lebottindesjeuxlinux.tuxfamily.org/

Craciun Dan says:

Thanks for putting this comprehensive list together! Yes, it’s true I didn’t mention all of them, but games like Warsow or Xonotic, although very good and popular, use some non-free license for their assets – I did include them in this reference though.

I’ll have a look at the others that you mentioned, and at the link provided, and if I find some notable free ones I’ll be sure to make a follow-up to this. Thanks again for the time putting these together!

Edit: It seems they have an English version here too.

Dagrut says:

You’re welcome! :)

I think that you will find some notable games in this list. I just hope they are still maintained, since I were playing most of them 3-6 years ago.

By the way, I forgot this one : BZFlag : A 3D multiplayer tank shooter.

Craciun Dan says:

Oh yes, BZFlag is so popular, I always forget about it though :)

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