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This is the sixth article in this series, in which I take a look at another 12 free, open-source games for Linux. Ranging from action to arcade or puzzle games, all of them should be available to install with your distribution’s package manager. Here are the other articles in the series:

Angry, Drunken Dwarfes

Angry, Drunken Dwarfes is a falling blocks game similar to Puzzle Fighter, with the goal of matching gems of the same color and beat your opponent. There are seven characters to choose from, AI, background music, secret game modes. Press Backspace to start the game.



Raincat is a very interesting 2D puzzle game where you have to drive a cat safe through a series of obstacles by using various tools at your disposal, and without letting the cat get rained down.


Extreme Tux Racer

Except for Supertuxkart, there is another free racer features Tux, namely, Extreme Tux Racer. It comes with campaigns, practice mode, can be ran in fullscreen or windowed mode, music, graphics settings. Suitable for children. The binary is called etracer.



Xye is a puzzle game for X in which you have to eat all the gems on the map, while at the same time avoiding traps of various kinds. It supports levels made for Kye or Sokoban (as well as native levels), and it comes with a built-in level editor.



Xmpuzzles is a package that contains 12 puzzle and logic games, including a Rubik cube, xmmball, or xmhexagons (on Ubuntu use ls /usr/games/xm* to see the whole games list).


Emilia Pinball

Unfortunately when it comes to Pinball games, Linux has very few. Emilia Pinball is a 3D pinball simulation which includes two tables. It comes with high scores, graphics configuration and two tables by default (“Tux” and “Professor”).


Brain Party

Brain Party is a collection of assorted puzzle games in the form of 36 tests that test reaction speed, logic, mathematics. It has a simple interface, background music and hidden tests.



In xjig you have to solve classic puzzle games by rotating and fitting pieces together to make up an original image.


Swell Foop

In Swell Foop you have to remove blocks of the same color from the board in as little moves as possible.


Slime Volley

This is a simple volley game with rudimentary graphics which can be played vs AI or against a human opponent over the network.



TuxMath is designed for kids and makes learning math fun. It is an educational arcade game which features single-player and multi-player, many levels, music.


SolarWolf is an arcade game with 48 levels in which you have to collect the boxes scattered on the map. It features background music, full-screen mode, and tooltips.


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