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Annex: Conquer the World, a real-time strategy game based on the MegaGlest engine, has reached version 4.0, and brings a big number of new features.

(Image credit: http://annexconquer.com/annex-conquer-the-world-4-0-released/)

Annex: Conquer the World is a real-time strategy game with an anime theme, featuring four factions, 3D graphics, 30 tech trees, single-player and multi-player modes, maps, scenarios and missions.

(Image credit: http://annexconquer.com/annex-conquer-the-world-4-0-released/)

The last release, 4.0, comes after one year of development, and the major new features include two new factions, several new maps and tech trees. Here is the complete list of new features and changes, according to the announcement:

  • 2 New Factions: Alliance Renegades and NEO Republic
  • Shadow Organization units: Vixen (hero) and Sentinel
  • New Tilesets: Apocylapse, Metropolitian, Overcast, Brightland, and Outland
  • Increased Level cap, unit re-balancing and refined gameplay.
  • New Technology tree options: Simple Battle, Simple Deployed, Ready for War, and Insanity.
  • All Technology trees now have a (D) Double Damage or (H) Half Damage variation.
  • Improved graphics, lighting, and particle effects
  • Save + load game feature
  • New maps and scenarios
  • New soundtrack, voice overs and sound effects.
  • FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) license

Here is a gameplay video:

(Video source: http://annexconquer.com/annex-conquer-the-world-4-0-released/)

Install Annex: Conquer the World in Ubuntu

Binaries are available for 64-bit distributions only, as a .run graphical installer package on the official downloads page. To install it in Ubuntu, download the .run installer, make it executable and run it:

wget http://annex.megaglest.org/releases/4.0/Annex-installer-linux-x86_64-v4.0.run
chmod 755 Annex-installer-linux-x86_64-v4.0.run

(Image credit: http://annexconquer.com/annex-conquer-the-world-4-0-released/)

Except for the installer, compressed archives are also provided on the downloads page.

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