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GOG.com has recently launched an up to 85% off promotion for several of its games. Under the name Mutator Promo, the discount covers a list of games which benefit of up to 85% price discount, and for each three games that you buy from the list, you can unlock up to three mutators, randomly chosen. The list includes four Linux games, as shown below.


The way it works is simple: buy three games from the list with a discount of up to 85% and unlock up to three more mutators (games) for just 1.59€ each, which will be chosen randomly.

Every 48 hours a new mutation takes place, meaning the games in mutation are rotated. The promo now includes mystery games.

Currently the list of games available for Linux too, that also have a discount are:

As you can see, the titles are relatively new and come with really good prices.

DayLightCome says:

Every 48 you select 3 games from a list, that unlocks the ability to select up to 3 mutators. The mutators cost $2 a piece (not sure what it is regionally) and give you a chance at a random game not already on the list.

If there is a free game, I haven’t seen it yet.

So far, I’ve lucked out on some pretty nice games. A few I normally wouldn’t have bought, but will at least try – who knows, I might like them.
Alternatively, the GOG community forums they explain how you can set up the purchase as a gift so you can’t trade out or give away games you don’t want.

Craciun Dan says:

You’re right my bad, thanks. I’ve corrected it.

DayLightCome says:

No problem, it’s a quirky (but fun) sale.

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