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find . -iname "*.txt" -exec grep -l "hello" {} +
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This Monday Steam has kicked off a new Weeklong Deal which will last until November 24, during which 11 titles for Linux are available at special promotional prices.

Avadon: The Black Fortress is available for 1,39€, with an 80% discount:

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There is an impressive number of titles available at a reduced price, including Postal & Postal 2, Cities in Motion, Doorways, Avadon: The Black Fortress or Terrian Saga. Here is the list with all the games in this promo.

Postal 2 is a single-player and multi-player game which was originally released in 2003 as a continuation to Postal. You take control of a “postal dude” character which is disturbed from the daily routine and ends up coping with darkly-themed adventures.

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Postal 2 is available for 1,74€, with a 75% discount until November 24.

Live a week in the life of “The Postal Dude”; a hapless everyman just trying to check off some chores. Buying milk, returning an overdue library book, getting Gary Coleman’s autograph, what could possibly go wrong?

Cities in Motion is a simulator where you have to manage transportation in one of four big cities (Vienna, Helsinki, Berlin or Amsterdam). The game follows a history of 100 years of transportation; cities are rendered with great detail, there are beautiful 3D graphics, 12 campaigns and a sandbox mode, 30 different vehicles, city editor.

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Cities in Motion is available for 6,79€, with a 66% discount until November 24.

Rendered in rich detail, four of the world’s greatest cities – Vienna, Helsinki, Berlin, and Amsterdam – await the steady hand of a planner to manage their transportation needs in Cities in Motion.
Overseeing the changing needs of people from 1920 to 2020, it’s up to you to manage everything from buses, trams and subway trains to maximize profits while pleasing commuters.

The full list of games which benefit from discount during this promotion can be found here.

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