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Disable Overlay Scrollbars in GNOME
gsettings set com.canonical.desktop.interface scrollbar-mode normal
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Find Files Containing a Text Pattern
find . -iname "*.txt" -exec grep -l "hello" {} +
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GOG.com has recently launched a promotion which includes discounts up to 90% for over 700 games, from which over 100 are available on Linux too.


Most of the Linux titles benefit from a 50% discount, with the promotion ending on November 25. Some of the games which benefit from discounts are The Witcher 2, Escape Goat 1 & 2, Last Federation, Pinball World & Pinball Gold, Kingdom Rush, FTL, FlatOut 2, Mount & Blade: Warband, Shadowrun Returns.

During this period, so-called “flash deals” are also available, with new discounts every 40 minutes which last a few hours, and daily deals, with new game bundles available every 24 hours.

Kingdom Rush (2014) is a popular single-player tower defense strategy game, available for €3.99, with a 50% discount:

(Image credit)

Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (2012) is the second game in the Witcher role-playing series with beautiful graphics, available for €7.99, with a 50% discount:

(Image credit)

Mount & Blade: Warband (2010), a single-player and multi-player 3D role-playing game is available for €7.99:

(Image credit)

Shadowrun Returns (2013) is available for €5.99, with a 50% discount:

(Image credit)

The full list of games can be found here. The promotion ends on November 25.

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