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Disable Overlay Scrollbars in GNOME
gsettings set com.canonical.desktop.interface scrollbar-mode normal
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Find Files Containing a Text Pattern
find . -iname "*.txt" -exec grep -l "hello" {} +
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Space Hulk Ascension Edition is a 3D turn-based strategy game for single-player based on the classic board game released in 1989. The game shipped on Steam yesterday, and provides great improvements over the classic version on which it is based.

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The game is available on Steam at a 10% discount, for 25,19€. The offer ends November 19.

Space Hulk: Ascension Edition is a 3D, digital, turn based, strategy game, which re-interprets the classic board game experience, and adds new RPG style mechanics, new weapons and missions, new enemy types, 3 playable chapters and loads of other new features to the single player experience.

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MASSIVE CHALICE is another game launched earlier this week, on November 11, which provides early access and it is available for purchase with a 25% discount, for 20,99€ until November 18. In MASSIVE CHALICE you control the immortal ruler of a nation in a fantasy universe, and you will battle your enemies using strategy and tactics. The game has single-player mode only and developers estimate it will get out of early access to a stable release in spring 2015.

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MASSIVE CHALICE is a tactical strategy game set on an epic timeline from Double Fine Productions. As the Immortal Ruler of the nation, you’ll take command of its heroes, forge heroic marriages to strengthen your Bloodlines, and battle a mysterious enemy known as the Cadence in a 300 year war.

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