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Stunt Rally, a free, beautiful 3D rally game for Linux based on VDrift and OGRE, has reached version 2.5, bringing new game features and a few bug fixes.

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Stunt Rally is an open-source rally game based on VDrift and OGRE, with beautiful sceneries, single-player and multi-player modes, championship mode, challenges. You can choose from 19 different car models or futuristic vehicles and race on 167 tracks (from which 20 are new in the 2.5 version). The tracks contain stunt elements like jumps, loops or pipes.

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The game now features 20 more tracks, increasing the total number to an impressive 167 tracks. The tracks have also been organized depending on difficulty and length ratings and filters can be applied as well. This version also ships with five more sceneries, and these are Surreal, Stone, Space, Alien, BlackDesert.

Another new feature is the addition of new challenges and championships, but also solid fluids like lava and ice.

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The track editor has also received a few improvements, and several other fixes have been made to the code as well.

A full changelog which lists all the changes that went into this release can be found here.

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Install Stunt Rally 2.5 in Ubuntu

Stunt Rally offers packages with precompiled binaries, so you can download the package for your architecture from here, uncompress it somewhere on the drive, and run the StuntRally binary from inside the root directory.

To download it and uncompress from a terminal, use the following commands (instructions given for 64-bit only):

wget -O http://sourceforge.net/projects/stuntrally/files/2.5/StuntRally-2.5-linux64.tar.xz
tar -xf StuntRally-2.5-linux64.tar.xz
EEE says:

In its current state, Stunt Rally is so bad its good.

The stuff I can do in 2.4 like drive a Bat Mobile with really glitchy physics is hella fun, sometimes I get Jettasoned in the opposite direction from a collision with the terrain that triggers a improper feedback that throws my car into the air.

99% of the bridges are way too skinny to be taken seriously.

It’s so bad that its more fun than other games, hell I think they should put it “Free to Play” on Steam to streamline its way into Gamers collections.

I really hope in the end it turns out like some kind of 2014 Crusin the World N64 game personally.

Nice Work All, don’t be affraid to keep the things that make it “fun”, serious car games are a dime a dozen and utter crappage, Stunt Rally was a good run but installing it via Ubuntu Updates / GetDeb PPA was really lame.

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