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While Steam celebrates the 2K 10th anniversary publisher sale this weekend, GOG.com launched the Weekend Promo Spring Breakers discounts for a number of games, several of which are available for Linux as well. Included here are all three chapters of the Eschalon role-playing series and Unrest Special Edition, an RPG launched in 2014.

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Eschalon Book I, II and III benefit from a 75% discount, being available for €1.69, €2.89 and €4.29 respectively. The whole series can be bought for only €8.87.

Eschalon is a role-playing game for single-player initially released in 2006, taking place in a fantasy universe, in which you can choose from 24 unique skills, 8 different attributes, and benefit from randomly generated map elements. The game has received positive user reviews on both Steam and GOG.com.

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Waking up in a strange place with no memory of who you are, you must undertake the difficult and arduous journey of finding out who you really are. The only clue you have is a hastily written note telling you to meet a stranger in the nearest town. Thus begins your first step into the wondrous and dangerous world of Eschalon: Book I.

Unrest Special Edition is a somewhat different 2D fantasy role-playing game with single-player mode set in an alternative ancient India. The game was released in 2014, benefits from a 50% discount during this weekend and is available for €11.79.

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Set in a fantasy interpretation of ancient India, Unrest is an adventure RPG focused on story and choices. Play as five ordinary people who are struggling to get by in the in the famine-stricken city-state of Bhimra.

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