This page contains several now playing announcers that will work in XChat and HexChat and support the Amarok music player.

HNP (HexChat Now Playing)

HNP (HexChat Now Playing) is a powerful Perl script for HexChat with support for Amarok 2.x that will display detailed information about the currently playing song in Amarok, as well as information about the track and collection statistics.

HNP is feature-rich and highly configurable. It can be used as a simple announcer to only show the title and artist (the /HNPS command) or as a complete announcer, which will show extended track information, like album, track number, kbps (with the /HNP command) or file size. The fields can be enabled or disabled, and HNP provides graphical menu entries (the HNP menu in the HexChat menu bar) to configure it further. Almost anything can be configured. A configuration file which can be edited manually, ~/.config/hexchat/hnp.cfg, is also available.

HNP also has options that will allow you to control Amarok from within HexChat, either from the menu or by using text commands. See /HNPHELP for the full list of commands. You can play/pause/start/quit or change the Amarok volume.

  • display detailed information about song, album, track
  • display collection statistics
  • graphical menu in HexChat menubar to access all commands
  • control Amarok from within HexChat via commands or menu
  • simple display mode using /HNPS
  • choose which fields to display
  • configure it via menu or configuration file
  • help system with /HNPHELP
The latest version is HNP 2.0.1, released on September 14, 2015. It is built upon XNP 0.9.1 and modified to work with HexChat. See the changelog for this release or download it below: To install HNP, just uncompress the archive and copy the script inside the ~/.config/hexchat directory, where ~ is your home folder (e.g. /home/username).

XNP (XChat Now Playing) for Amarok 2.x

XNP (XChat Now Playing) is a script similar to HNP, but for XChat. It has the same features as HNP and supports XChat and Amarok 2.x. You can download it below:

XNP (XChat Now Playing) for Amarok 1.4

This is an older version of XNP and works with Amarok 1.4. Although obsolete, you can still download it below:

Bugs and Feature Requests

To submit bugs or feature requests send me an email at
By Craciun Dan on September 14, 2015 | Updated: September 14, 2015 | v0.2.0 r1
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