This site contains mostly guides and tutorials for both beginners and advanced users. There are introductory guides to the Linux command-line, as well as tutorials for Ubuntu, Mint or Debian beginners.

In addition to the tutorials I'm writing from time to time, I'm also working at a minimalist image viewer written in C and GTK+ 3, called NeonView. You can check it out here.
Below is a list of projects I'm working on, hosted on TuxArena. If you want to skip to the list of tutorials, go here. For the tutorials from the old static website, go here.

TuxArena Home - This is the main website. It contains Ubuntu/Debian/Mint news, tutorials and reviews, as well as anything related to Linux.

Intro - This section is intended as an introduction to Linux, specifically Ubuntu and Mint, but you can also find here several Linux guides and command-line tutorials.

NeonView - This is a free, open-source, lightweight image viewer which I work on from time to time, written in C and GTK+ 3, blending well in environments like GNOME or Xfce (old homepage).
Ubuntu Tutorials for Beginners
Beginner Command-Line Tutorials
Introduction to Linux Command-Line for Beginners
Moving On: Advanced Command-Line
General Command-Line Tutorials
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Applications Reference
Programs, Scripts and Tools
  • NeonView - Minimalist image viewer
  • XPTB - eXtended Perl Trivia Bot
  • HNP - HexChat Now Playing script with support for Amarok 2.x
Tutorials (Old Site)
There is also the TuxArena Blog, hosted by Blogger, with articles dating back to 2008.
Obsolete Stuff
Over the time I wrote some scripts and plugins for XChat and Amarok 1.4, which are obsolete by now. They can be found on the SourceForge page, here.
  • XNP* - XChat Now Playing script for Amarok 1.4, a Perl script for XChat to show the currently playing song in Amarok 1.4 | Download
  • ANP - Amarok Now Playing plugin, a C plugin for XChat to show the currently playing song in Amarok 1.4 | Download
*Note: An updated version of XNP was created by John Aylward. This version has been tested to work with Amarok 2.2+ and adds several improvements over the old release. You can download it from here.

*Note: For an updated version that works in HexChat, see this page. The script is called HNP and works with HexChat and Amarok 2.x.

Another project which I haven't worked on for years now is XPTB, the eXtended Perl Trivia Bot for IRC, a simplistic Trivia script running in command-line mode. You can download it from here.
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