XPTB Lite (eXtended Perl Trivia Bot) is a free, open-source trivia bot for IRC, written in Perl and running on Linux.
XPTB Lite is a basic trivia script which runs in a terminal, with a minimalistic approach, being stripped from features more advanced bots have. Use it when you need a simple, fast-paced game of trivia, without persistent scores, stats or teams. The bot reads the questions from a text file and will take into account the first correct answer, displaying the time and CPS (caps per second) of the answer. Questions can be added in the questions.txt file, each on one line, using the QUESTION|ANSWER format.

To run XPTB Lite you will need Perl (which comes preinstalled on most systems) and the Net::IRC Perl module, which can be installed on Ubuntu or Mint using the following command:

sudo apt-get install libnet-irc-perl
The latest version is XPTB Lite 0.2.4, released on September 12, 2015. You can have a look at the changelog to see what's new in this release, or download it.
  • displays time and cps (caps per second) of the correct answer
  • displays two hints
  • takes into account the first correct answer only
  • available commands: !trivia, !version, !next, !date
  • add any number of questions in the questions.txt file
  • uses the Net::IRC Perl module for handling the IRC protocol
  • language: English
  • supported OS: Linux, possibly Windows (not tested)
  • Linux-based OS (may work on Windows too, but wasn't tested)
  • Perl 5.10.0 (older versions may work too)
  • Net::IRC 0.75 Perl module (called libnet-irc-perl in most distributions)
The latest version is XPTB Lite 0.2.4, released on September 9, 2015. Download it from one of the locations below:
Bugs and Feature Requests
To submit bugs or feature requests send me an email at craciun.dan@tuxarena.com.
By Craciun Dan on September 12, 2015 | Updated: September 12, 2015 | v0.2.0 r1
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